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    How I created Emerge "From Nothing to Something"

    How I created Emerge

    The vlog above is long overdo! I created this video to explain my process and how the Emerge brand was created, something small can catapult you into an exciting journey! This is not a how to create a brand video, but if enough people are interested I could go over that struggle as well! Use discount code "emerge" for a great discount
    Emerge clothing only.  HERE

    T Shirts available at Creative Bully Media

    T Shirts available at Creative Bully Media

    Here are just a few examples of the t shirts that are available on this website. I aim to motivate and also create shirts that represent what you love and make a statement without saying a word! These shirts are printed on premium brands I use American Apparel, Next Level, Anvil, Bella Canvas etc... Thank you for your support together we can help change the world!